From cocoa beans to yummy bars the rich history of chocolate has evolved over four millennia to emerge as a gourmet creation that pleases every palate and wins every heart. Driven by the zeal to design most exquisite luxury chocolate and lead from the front, Celeste has set up operations in recent years and offers an amazing variety of signature creations which wow chocolate aficionados across the globe. Inspired by the legendary chocolatiers of Belgium, France, Switzerland and the USA, we nurture the long-cherished tradition of excellence so that the great taste, exotic flavour and beautiful presentation of each Celeste product make it a unique creation and a cut above the rest. The company has made a niche in the world market and strategically expands its global reach out. We have presented our product portfolio at some of the best international fairs/exhibitions promoting business on a large scale and serving a cream clientele with dedication and commitment.

Gourmet Delights Turn Market Winners

Lauded as the Artisan of Fine Chocolate, Celeste procures finest-quality ingredients and indulges in exciting combinations so that time-honoured recipes are spiced up with a distinct touch of creativity. The unique flavours and silk-smooth textures, subtle tastes and pleasant aromas, are quite unlike any other – heightening the intense enjoyment of savoury feasts. Our creations taste even better when paired off with the perfect match, be it wine or liqueur; coffee, mint tea or dry fruits.

Celeste offers a magnificent bouquet of premium chocolate products and hundreds of varieties where the bitter-sweet melody of pure chocolate transcends the bourn of time and place. The treasure trove in dark, white and brown chocolate is worth exploring – custom assortments of chocolate & nuts (almond, walnut, cashew or hazelnut – you name it and we have it) as well as natural fruit pralines, scrumptious truffles, fabulous fudge, butter scotch treats and a temptingly luscious array of Liqueur Chocolates such as Rum Truffle, Whisky, Vodka and Cognac. Our master chocolatiers have perfected the art of fine chocolate making in a bid to create delectable novelties which speak of confectionery excellence. From high-precision roasting & blending of beans through to the final production – we perform every ritual with great love & care and pay meticulous attention to Quality & consistency which have delighted connoisseurs for years. Celeste’s collection of luxury chocolate products is greatly coveted by star hotels, airlines, banks and corporate houses. We also cater to boutique marketers who highly appreciate our handmade works of art.

Great Presentation for Every Occasion

Gourmet chocolate makes a beautiful gift and a great presentation creates the perfect ambience to make it an occasion to remember. At Celeste we not only bring you the best of premium chocolate products but also craft exquisite gift cases evoking the essence of those memorable moments. Be it a birthday bash or Valentine’s Day, an occasion for corporate gifting or an eagerly awaited anniversary, a royal wedding or a baby shower, your gift of love will be encased in an ethnically designed signature box – a personalised expression of your feelings. Made from classic wood, delicate ceramic, exquisite papier-mâché and other stylish materials, the tailor-made gift cases are always treasured as souvenir items for their refinement and design excellence. The packaging is as unique as the delicious temptations inside, making it a heady concoction and leading you to a world of gourmet delight and aesthetic elegance.