In a global market saturated with fiercely competing chocolate brands, creating key differentiators remains a tough challenge and successful new chocolatiers like Celeste constantly endeavour to bring in brand differentiators to win a loyal customer base. However, what sets Celeste ahead of the pack is the way it innovates new recipes, blends & flavours while ensuring superior quality. We procure purest of ingredients and adhere to traditional manufacturing processes to bring you some of the finest tasting chocolate ever produced. Celeste is guided by customer preferences and delivers only the best to please the discerning palate and gladden the heart.

Celeste offers a delicious range of exquisitely handcrafted theme chocolates suitable for every occasion and ideal for every mood. Nestled at the heart of beautifully designed and skilfully crafted ethnic boxes, these gourmet delights can be personalised the way you want it, to express that special feeling for someone you love. Create your unique selections of luxury chocolate and let our artisans craft an exclusive gift case for you. At Celeste you will find unlimited choices for customisation, as well as exclusive services, to ensure that the designer bouquets surpass the appeal of boutique market bounties. We offer a heady concoction of great taste & gorgeous packaging thus creating an entirely new paradigm for presenting & savouring the gourmet treats.