Tie the knot with Celeste!

Choose from the finest collections of delicious chocolate creations encased in beautiful gift boxes and delight your beloved on this very special day. Lauded as the hallmark of True Romance, Celeste’s unique line of hand-made chocolate leaves a lasting impression so that your wedding remains an affair to remember for years to come. Our splendid arrays of crème de la crème also serve as perfect wedding gifts when you wish the newly-weds a happy married life full of sweetness. Our Wedding Bouquet includes: BROCADE

Surrender yourself to the seductive sheen and timeless temptation called Brocade!
Depicting the legacy of craft and tradition of excellence, Brocade is the unique expression of indigenous expertise. Very much like Celeste! Created with the finest ingredients, these premium chocolate products present the perfect combination of rich taste, velvety texture and hearty satisfaction. The exquisitely handcrafted brocade carry cases are richly embellished with colourful zari work, shimmering sequins and intricate embroidery – a harmonious blend of mystique beauty & soft seduction and as eternally appealing as the bonding of two souls.


Savour the flavour of art, craft and taste with Celeste!
The legendary composition, dramatic portrayal, magnificent appearance and touch of exotica a la Devdas Royale befit the most royal wedding! In a majestic mosaic of regal proportions, Celeste pays a handsome tribute to the original taste and the purest form of chocolate – set to elevate you to the ultimate of sensory ecstasy. Rich to the core and nestled within exquisitely adorned gift packs, Celeste Creations surpass all benchmarks in terms of great taste and exotic flavours one has never experienced before. Equally gorgeous are the custom presentation boxes in vibrant shaadi colours, intricate designs and traditional zari dori/hand-woven tussles – spelling out the Oriental opulence of the royal ensembles.


A stitch in Zardozi for every savoury that unfolds the excellence of Celeste’s premier chocolate!
Like a sparkling sky wearing a shimmering drape glorified by a zillion stars, the Zillion Collection treasures the enigmatic aroma of delectable chocolate creations, packed gracefully in sheer fabrics and ornamented by the most fetching form of embroidery, Zardozi! An exalted form of embroidered embellishment, the sparkling, star-like stitches in pure Zari enhance the beauty of the chocolate presentation and complement the most patronised art form adorning the classic attires of the bride and the groom. An ideal gift wrapped in exquisite artistic wizardry to enhance your joy of gifting……


Leave a deliciously sweet imprint on the sands of time with Celeste!
Wind-swept pastures that remind you of another era, a soft feel that conveys the essence of friendship, timeless bonding and zealously shared passions, the Zephyr Collection welcomes you to Celeste’s assured world of unsurpassed emotional gratification.


The art of appreciating Vintage verve begins at Celeste!
A classic is forever with no equal to contend with. The timeless, perennial and unforgettable appeal of eternal elegance is lent a match at Celeste, in a collection that salutes the spirit of excellence so palpable in the historic era past. Creating nothing short of a legend in designer packs, like a handy sandookchi, the treasure trove of Celeste’s Vintage Collection is a fitting finale to the passionate display of antique art, vintage touch and everything classic!