Forge lasting bonds with Celeste!

Go beyond the business breakfast, power lunch or traditional gift-giving to put your custom signature across a highly competitive world. The sweet taste of success has never felt so good as it does with Celeste’s premium range of fine chocolate. Whether you want to applaud team-members for a job well done, thank customers for reposing their faith in you or express appreciation for your partners/associates, our collections of fabulous-tasting designer chocolates will make one-of-a-kind corporate gift items and help forge a lasting bond. Made of classic wood, the hand-crafted gift cases are adorned with exquisite carvings & glitters – elegant, stylish and distinctly corporate. The rich, distinguished look of sophistication has turned the custom presentation boxes into unique souvenirs – cherished as valuable mementoes long after the celebration is over. Celeste’s Corporate Collections are always tailor-made to meet your requirements and fit your budget. Our bouquet of gourmet delights feature: CORPORATE INSIGNIA

Celeste combines style with sweet taste to inspire the art of gifting in the corporate world!
Celeste presents Corporate Insignia – a unique collection that redefines the concept of gifting and gives you enough reasons and occasions to gift the very best. Engraved with your corporate logo, icon and mission statement, the gourmet delights from Celeste present some of the finest options for Corporate Gifting.


Go for your goals like there is no tomorrow and savour the sweet taste of triumph with Celeste!
The burnt-wood hues emphasise the aura of maturity, strength of character and the halo of success with a definite flamboyance. And the complacency of ‘been there, done that’ only comes after relishing the supreme creation of the master chocolatier, Celeste!


Revive and reiterate your bond of alliance with Celeste’s remarkable seal of quality chocolate!
Celebrate the joy of gifting in classic, rich hues of wood which withstand the test of time and stand for excellence. A presentation pack that captures the essence of achievement, work ethics and a determined corporate philosophy, the Mahogany Collection wraps the softness of melt-in-the-mouth core with a crisp coating of exponential partnership growth!


A classic combination of Immaculate Leather and Celeste!
The sweet sensation, when folded and presented in a masculine, sturdy pack, acquires a special character and manifests a sense of pride which transcends the sheer joy of giving or receiving. In a style-laden take-away bag which tags only premium brand purchases, Celeste offers an experience like never before.